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Waterford Seventh-day Adventist Church Family Happenings!
Our Mission
To PREPARE for the second coming of Jesus Christ.
To NURTURE our own church members through Christian encouragement and support.
To REACH our community with the good news of salvation and the truth about God and His character.
 Your change will make a difference! Please put your change in the Glass Jug, which will be in the foyer Sabbath mornings.   Blush
Growing Through Your Fears is this Sabbath's message that Pastor Todd will be presenting!  What does scripture tell us to encourage us to live through our fears? Hear Pastor Todd admit to some of his fears!

1. Waterford's all church picnic will be this Sabbath, after the Worship service, at Fish Hatchery Park. Directions to the park (it isn't far from the Church) will be provided. Come one, come all, bring a dish or two to pass and invite a friend or two to enjoy an awesome picnic with the Waterford Church family!


2. The Kids Cooking School begins next Thursday, the 23rd., at 6:00 p.m. It is not too late to still register your child or grand-child.  You can either phone in to register (248-681-3334), or send an email to:waterfordriverside@gmail.com, or simply let Sharlene Ervin know.  This is going to be a really fun time for all those who attend! 


3. Mark September 8 & 9 down on your calendar!  Mark Anthony, cooking Chef on 3ABN, and who also has been on the major U.S. television networks, is coming to the Waterford Church! He will be doing the sermon on Sabbath, September 8th., then on September 9th., a FREE cooking show from 3 - 6 p.m., will be held here at our church! He will cook a full meal right in front of everyone. You can check him out at: www.chefmarkanthony.com. He is quite in demand, so we are fortunate that he will be coming to Waterford! 


4. The Appearing, a mini-evangelistic series, will be coming to the Waterford church beginning October 11 - 14th. 7:00 p.m. You will hear more about this wonderful opportunity for people to hear God's special messages for these last days! Please begin praying for this series now. Thank you!!


5. Speaking of evangelism...we need to increase our evangelism budget, as we will also be having a full-blown evangelistic series in the spring of 2019. As it says on the sign which is located on the glass jug in the foyer for people to deposit their change into...."The Way You Store Up Treasures In Heaven Is By Investing In Getting People There". The 'change jug', lambs offering, and donations specifically designated for evangelism is how we are going to raise the money. We have increased the combine budget for Evangelism, but much more is needed. Please give it some serious prayer, and know that we can not ever out give God! 


6.  Jaime Jorge, internationally known Violinist, will be performing a sacred message and music time during our Worship service, Sabbath, October 20th.  You will not want to miss this!  You can check him out and hear some of his music at: www.jaimejorge.com.


7. Donate your new or gently used Bible's for a Prison Ministry that George Wade is organizing. The box to donate your Bible's in is in the church foyer, near the main entrance. 


8. Operation Christmas Child 2018  busted the bank!Blush A HUGE THANK YOU for those who have donated generously to our response to this project!! We have $932.82 toward our goal of $900.00, enough to ship 100 plus a few more shoeboxes.  Of course we will put this to good use and send as many as we can! There is a need for more school supplies to help fill the boxes (Toothbrushes-NO toothpaste, food or liquids, Crayons-24 in a box is a good size, matchbox type cars, sunglasses, slinky, jump ropes, nothing that depicts war such as army men, toy guns, or knives). These boxes really lighten up children's lives all over the world with receiving these gift's! We will need help at assembling these boxes later in the Fall. See Sue Harrington for details. 


9. Vegetarian Food Store is open every Thursday from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. 


10. Food Pantry for our neighbors in need - See Amy Grignon if you know of someone in need.  Also, we have a share closet - clothes, books, and more!  See the coat rack in the hallway by the fellowship room. Please take whatever you or your friends, family or neighbors can use and donate your clean, gently used clothing here, as well!


11. Camp Meeting Audio and Video Sales are now available for purchase by calling the Lansing ABC at: (800)876-9222. You can go to the Conference website, www.misda.org, and see a list of seminars and speakers that you would like to order. 


12. Mother/Daughter weekend at Camp Ausable October 12-14. Online registration begins August 20th. at 9:00 a.m. - www.misda.org. ;


13. Michigan Men of Faith coming to GLAA - Great Lakes Adventist Academy, Sabbath at September 8th. at 9:30 a.m.  The keynote speaker is Pastor Samuel Thomas Jr., who has ministered to people globally. Currently Pastor Thomas serves as Director of the New Leaf Prophecy & Doctrinal Learning Center & as Senior Pastor of the Columbus Central SDA Church in the Allegheny West Conference. Breakout sessions will be presented by elders Jim Micheff, Justin Ringstaff, Kameron DeVasher, & Nathaniel & Jacob Gibbs.Please note: You will need to bring your own lunch, or potluck with a group from your church. Unfortunately lunch isn't going to be provided this year. 


14. Crystal Mountain Marriage Retreat November 9-11, 2018 For more information call Alyce at 517-316-1540. Crystal Mountain Marriage Retreat will be held at Crystal Mountain Resort, in Thompsonville, Michigan. This is a beautiful area, and the facilities are very conducive to a weekend alone with your spouse. There are lots of beautiful hiking and biking trails, a pool and workout room, several gift shops and restaurants. Some rooms are equipped with a two-person Jacuzzi, a microwave and small fridge. You are welcome to bring snacks, but there will be five delicious buffet- style meals served, all vegetarian with vegan options. The weekend starts Friday night with dinner, followed by the first meeting. Sabbath has three meetings, two in the morning, and one at vespers time. These are all designed to help encourage and strengthen your marriage. The afternoon is left open for you as a couple to enjoy time alone together. Sabbath evening is Date Night, where you are on your own for the evening. Traverse City is about 40 min. north for those who want to go out for the evening. Sunday morning we have one more session. This weekend is one where we encourage you as a couple to spend time renewing and refreshing your relationship. It is our desire that you will leave with a new commitment to your marriage and thankfulness to God who brought you together in the beginning.


15. Continue with your faithful giving with Tithes and Offerings. For offerings, you can give through the 'Combined Budget', which as a line-item in the tithe envelope, and this help's to take care of our expenses, and ministries. Thank you! 


16. Starting in September, we will have our All Church Potluck every 1st. and 3rd. Sabbath's. 



For Our Prayer Warriors:


1. Sue Dorsey met a lady, Shirley, at a thrift store. She is going through breast cancer surgery today. She would like everyone to pray for her. Shirley also has a cousin, Cheryl, with breast cancer.


2. Pray for healing for Nancy Armstrong as she recently had surgery. Also, her step daughter, Angie, had a defibrillator put in recently. Her condition is a life-threatening arrhythmia and we need prayers that the device will help to save her life.


3. Continue to pray for John Stevens as he is healing from his cancer. He is 2/3rd.s of the way through his chemo and is doing well. 


4. Continue to pray for Kurt Langbein, Sharlene Ervin's brother who is fighting pancreatic cancer, and is going through chemo treatments. 


5. Continue to pray for Gayle Kwiek's daughter as she is recovering from a heart attack. 


6. Continue to pray for Judy Hiiter's sister, Jana, as she is recovering from surgery.


7. Pray for Lucinda Evans.  She has fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. 


8. Pray for Art Valdez, as he is going through chemo treatments. 


9. Continue to pray for Min Honkanen as she is recovering for dizziness and vertigo. 


10. A member at the Livingston church has a friend by the name of Cheryl Caudy  who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.


11. Also this same member from Livingston has a prayer request for two friends of her's - Joe and Kit Mastro- Joe just suffered Cardiac arrest on May 31 and was in a coma for 3 days.  He has had two stents placed as his widow maker artery was 90 % blocked.  Joe is recovering and undergoing rehab and is doing well only to find out yesterday that his wife, Kit’s cancer has returned in her stomach after being in remission for two years.  The family is just devastated.


Happy Birthday To Our August Birthday's!


Aug. 2 - Austin Grignon

Aug. 7 - Steven Pyles

Aug. 10 - Cindy Stafford

Aug. 15 - Sue Harrington

Aug. 17 - John Lefler

Aug. 19 - Judy Hiiter

Aug. 21 - Lydia Anzures

Aug. 27 - Ellen Howard 

Aug. 28 - Karen Messer


August Anniversaries

Aug. 3 - Harrington, Richard and Sue

Aug. 30 - Hiiter, Gary and Judy

Will the one who contends with the Almighty correct him? Job 40:2

We can find nearly every argument in the book of Job about why there is pain in the world, but the arguing never seems to help Job much. His is a crisis of relationship more than a crisis of doubt. Can he trust God? Job wants one thing above all else: an appearance by the one Person who can explain his miserable fate. He wants to meet God Himself, face to face.
Eventually Job gets his wish. God shows up in person (see Job 38:1). He times His entrance with perfect irony, just as Job’s friend Elihu is expounding on why Job has no right to expect a visit from God.
No one—not Job, nor any of his friends—is prepared for what God has to say. Job has saved up a long list of questions, but it is God, not Job, who asks the questions. “Brace yourself like a man,” He begins; “I will question you, and you shall answer me” (v. 3). Brushing aside thirty-five chapters’ worth of debates on the problem of pain, God plunges into a majestic poem on the wonders of the natural world.
God’s speech defines the vast difference between the God of all creation and one puny man like Job. His presence spectacularly answers Job’s biggest question: Is anybody out there? Job can only respond, “Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know” (42:3).
Lord, we have so many questions about life and its unfairness. You have shown Yourself good to us. Help us to trust You for what we cannot understand.
No calamity is beyond God’s sovereignty.
By Philip Yancey | See Other Authors


After all Job had endured, how could the Lord of heaven respond to his honest, agonizing questions with more questions?
Job forgot the case he wanted to argue in the court of heaven (Job 23:1–10). The presence and questions of God suddenly reawakened the trust he’d expressed in those first moments of the worst days of his life (1:21; 2:10).
We, on the other hand, have an advantage that Job lacked. In the prologue of Job’s story, we are taken behind the scenes to see how God viewed Job (1:1–2:10).
What if our lives had such a prologue? Would it help to know that more is going on than we can see and that it’s better than we imagine? Even if we aren’t an exemplary example as Job was, can we take heart in being one of the dearly loved sinners for whom Christ died?