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Church Openig and Closing Procedures
Before Sabbath Responsibilities        
1) Fold Bulletins and put inserts in if needed you will find them in the Sectaries
Office Thursday ? Friday latest. You may take them home and do this if desired
(Don't forget them).            
2) Change hymnal numbers on the boards, numbers can be found in East wing 
3) Check the stage and pulpit to make sure everything is in order and arranged,
please look over the Sanctuary as well.        
4) Summer schedule (Weed whack around the front sign and front road ditches 
 and around Church and School) Weed whacker in the garage.     
5) Please Deacons any minor maintenance in the church that may need to be done
change a light bulb, tighten a hinge on a door, etc. What you feel you can do to your
ability. If it is to big call your HD.          
Sabbath Morning Responsibilities        
6) Winter schedule (Remove snow off the East and West sidewalks and spread salt 
after if needed). Please arrive early to give yourself enough time, the HD will arrive 
to help if there is heavy accumulation. Snow blower in the garage.  
7) Turn on all sanctuary lights and remove covers from organ and piano put them in
the West room and East room in accordance to location.    
8) Open all Sabbath School rooms and turn lights on, also in bathrooms and the  
foyer. Please open the outside doors on the church and school around 8:30am
9) Foyer deacon please be attentive at the doors to greet guests and members. 
this is very important how we represent our church. Stand fast at your post, if there
is a member that needs assistance such as a wheel chair, by all means please help.
If you need to leave for any reason please (a) notify the HD first (b) if he isn't
available the next deacon that can take your place, preferably the closing deacon.
Make sure to give the keys to him.          
10) Closing deacon you will do in the same order as the opening deacon you need to
make sure you get the keys from him and if the church is going to be occupied after
wards, find the person that will be responsible to arm the church if this cannot be 
guaranteed, you or the HD need to return to secure the building. Deacons that 
dismissed members need to return to the sanctuary to pick up books, paper, toys,
etc. Lets leave Gods House in order. Please be respectful and not leave one deacon
to do this, it only takes about five minutes with three people. Thank You! And God

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